Tony’s Chocotruck

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Vehicle Mod

We partnered with Roundhouse to transform an ordinary food truck into a perfectly branded and educational national activation for Tony’s Chocolonely’s Bean to Bar Journey. With a flashy exterior and a hands-on exhibit inside, this Chocotruck spreads awareness about the brand’s mission to end slave labor in the chocolate industry.

“Crazy about chocolate”

The outside of the Chocotruck represents the "crazy" with its bold, larger-than-life character, energy and humor, allowing the brand to come to life.

“Serious about people”

Visitors are invited into the activation to engage with a variety of interactive moments to learn about the pervasiveness of slave labor in the chocolate industry. With the interior and exterior working together, visitors come away with a deep understanding of the brand, its mission and its message.

One big challenge on wheels.

Fabricating anything inside an operational vehicle is by nature a challenging and creative endeavor — our team was required at every step of the way to engineer elegant, outside-the-box solutions throughout the visitors' journey.

Entertaining and educational.

The interior is set up as an interactive wall display featuring floor-to-ceiling color panels. The Tony's mission is broken up into five sections with analog, tactile and simple digital solutions to tell the story to visitors in a quick, digestible and entertaining way.

Engineered for portability.

The exhibit doubles as its own crating and transportation system. All the support systems and equipment, as well as modular external display components (like the ladders and entire sampling station) were designed to fold up and pack away, neatly secured for transportation.


Client & Design: Roundhouse
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