Byrdie Beauty Lab LA




We designed and executed an eye-catching pop-up for this online beauty brand around the aesthetic of a 1970s vintage Los Angeles summer.

From render to reality.

A range of visuals were created specifically for the site, including sketches, floor plans, 3D models and renders, which prepped the West Hollywood location for virtual and physical transformation into a premiere L.A. style destination.

Environment Design meets Experience Design.

We knew that the experience of Byrdie Beauty Lab was equally important to the environment. Our design development started with the shareable moments, informing the journey and flow through the space.

Infusing art and texture.

Byrdie Labs are elevated, rich and textural, with a touch of vintage character. Rich colors and warm materials separate this event from traditional associations of sterile lab environments. Bold architectural gestures and lime washed walls help bring depth and sophistication to the space. The instagrammable moment features three alcoves of faux product finished in unique, monochromatic color scheme — the perfect backdrop to pose with.

Quirky displays punctuate the unique shopping experience.

Experimentation is encouraged; we designed and built playful sample stations reminiscent of old-school mall gumball machines, delighting shoppers with samples and travel-size products to try at home.

Creating a consistent fixture language.

All fixtures, including display tables and a variation of tabletop risers, stepping trays and signage holders, were designed and fabricated with flexibility, modularity and re-use in mind. A material palette of light woods and brass combined with floral propping warmly welcomed shoppers to browse and sample all products.

Designed with Byrdie's mission in mind.

Byrdie Beauty Lab is the physical extension of the brand’s commitment to making beauty approachable, applicable, aesthetically inspiring and 100% shoppable. Keeping those values in mind, we designed the space to be warm and inviting, yet still elevated.


Client: Clique Brands
In-Situ Photography: Courtesy of Clique Brands
Shopping Basket